The Process

1) Contact us for appointment


a) You need to contact us first for an appointment. Whether on the phone, whatsapp or email. We can manage to take your order even if electronically.

b) Please give us your specifications (date, theme & quantity) and if possible with a mood board from your wedding planner. We will get back to you shortly within 48 hours.

c) Its always better to meet us in person at our located office in Makateb Building in Al Maktoum Road, Dubai, to get a much better idea about our work & finishing.

d) Our  firm is known for providing quality and affordability. Just state your budget and we will advise you with what will suit you.

2) Consultation & Payment


a) We will be giving you as many options you need for the designs, until approval. Its always better to be clear about the style that you like so we can finish sooner. 

b) Deposit for design brainstorming will be initially 500 DHS. We will be sending you options electronically whether on email or whatsapp.

c) Once everthing is clearly specified, we can then give you an accurate full quotation for production within 24 hours. 

d) When everything is approved, from design to price and delivery date, then we can proceed for production after paying minimum of 50% deposit and the rest on the date of delivery.

​3) Timeline & Delivery


a) Creating new designs basically takes around an average time of 10 - 14 days. Of course that depends on our level of agreements and clarity. Sometimes it finishes sooner and sometimes much longer.

b) Once design is fully approved, production takes a minimum time of 10 to 21 days. depending on the load of work required. For example, laser cut cards & thick board cards take longer time.

c) Its always better to come and collect your item from our location. However, outside Dubai will require a delivery agency with an extra fee (depending on the quantity of boxes and weight).