The Terms


Please Read Carefully :

1) Initial design drafts cant be started without an initial design deposit (which is 500 DHS).

Time for initial design is from 10 - 14 days (less time if ideas are clear and well presented).

If the theme of the wedding card is changed after some time of the agreement, we will automatically reset our timeline to work on the new theme.

After overall agreement on price, design and quantity, 50% should be paid in advance to start production.

Money, most preferably, should be transferred or given cash.

2) Deposits, can't be returned once its paid. 

Once approved, we will take no responsibility for any mistakes later found by the customer.

Therefore, we advise you to check carefully the Spellings, Grammar, Numbers, Titles, Location, Punctuations in All Languages. Please double check the Graphic Design, Logo design & alignments, as well as the colors, and if they are set up correctly to your requirements.

 Any alterations after approval (after production) will be chargeable.

We also require of you to send the wedding text ( names, wedding location & correct date, etc) to our email

3) We don't sell invitation designs under any circumstances. We present both design and production together. We believe we can execute the outcome in the best presentable way while using the highest quality of papers, printing & techniques. We are experienced enough to know which design falls under which specification. Clients who use cheaper options, are unaware that it might damage the design, and will affect the quality.

4) Prices are unnegotiable. We automatically  give the best discounted price in the market to all our clients. We price our items based on experience, skills, quality and services. We can't compromise quality. Rest assured that we still offer affordable prices comparing to the quality we are presenting.

5) We don't have a specific starting quantity for the cards, but the more it is, the better the overall price will be for you.

Starting price for basic cards will be from AED 4500 and above

6) We don't offer delivery.

Please pick up your items from our office.